Beard Kit Essentials You Must Have

A well-groomed beard has several benefits including shapely, soft and clean aside from it being not itchy. On top of that, you’ll scoop compliments after compliments about how good your beard looks. But a beautiful beard doesn’t happen by chance, it is based on the maintenance that you are using to keep you beard looking at its best. Stock up these beard care kit essentials in your vanity now and enjoy the confidence and accolades that will follow thereafter.

Beard Kit

  1. Utility Balm

A balm is like pomade for your hair, but one that fuels whiskers with nutrients while also taming fly aways. Using a balm on your beard will not only make your facial hair stay in place but it will stand out in a very good way. The nourishing ingredients in some balm make it the healthiest stylers on one’s shelves.

  1. Grooming Oil

When looking for good grooming oil, look for the ones containing a mixture of jojoba, essential and argan oil because those stuffs absorbs quickly into the whiskers and skin. Those ingredients also prevent having split ends and preserve the moisture in each hair.

  1. Beard Conditioner

Beard conditioners are not new for those who already own a beard kit but there are two kinds of beard conditioner: the one that you can rinse and the leave-on type. The lather does triple duty For starters, it prevents beard itch and makes the whiskers more tame-able by softening each hair. Lastly, it hydrates your face, which is necessary since the hair has blanketed it and likely left the skin dry and parched. A beard conditioner that also makes a good face moisturizer is not a bad deal after all isn’t it?

  1. Facial Hair Scissors

Between bigger trimming bouts, you need to do some spot checking. For that, keep the electric clippers tucked away, and instead use a rounded-tip scissors to snip at any unsightly, uncompromising strays. The rounded tips prevent you from poking yourself, and can also double as nose-hair trimmers if you have anything creeping out your nostrils.

  1. Beard Trimmer

Get a beard trimmer kit that will basically do everything including cleaning the cheeks and neckline. Because let’s face it, beard trimmer are quite expensive and if they will not do what needs to be done, then it’s just a waste of money.

  1. Conditioning Beard Wash

Just like your scalp needs shampoo, your chin also needs a scrub done when it is covered in fur. But unlike the shampoo for your hair, you must get something that will not parch the skin and the hair. What you should be looking for in a beard wash are the properties like exfoliating, hydrating, and conditioning. It’s the perfect prelude to a nourishing oil or leave-in conditioner, and should always be used prior to any other product application.